British Riding Clubs SEIB Insurance Brokers Winter Novice Championships at Arena UK on March 26 & 27th 2022

ADRC sent a whole platoon of people off to the Championships and achieved some brilliant results which included:

Senior Novice Dressage:

Individual 1sts: Jess Findell & Loughrea Star and Justine Underwood & Divine San Siro

jess findell

Team 2nd:

  • Judith Moreton & Monsuns Royal Jem
  • Michelle Stretton & Jake
  • Jess Findell & Loughrea Star
  • Justine Underwood & Divine San Siro

Senior 80cm Show Jumping:

aliyah  quotender

Individual 1st: Aliyah Shafiq & Quotender

Team 3rd:

  • Harriet Parkes & Midnight Jackson
  • Rose Jarvis & Logan
  • Fiona Twells & Kilnagullion Beauty
  • Aliyah Shafiq & Quotender

Junior Novice Winter Dressage:

aliyah shafiq

Individual 1st and 5th: Aliyah Shafiq & Quotender

beatrix oldham

Individual 7th: Beatrix Oldham & Kilmore Black Earl

Team 6th:

  • Florence Pawley & Llanarth Gold Label
  • Eppie Southern & Stookens Macha
  • Beatrix Oldham & Kilmore Black Earl
  • Aliyah Shafiq & Quotender


Junior 70cm Show Jumping:

isabella mcclinton staines

Individual 2nd: Isabella McClinton-Staines & Victoire

Follow this link for the full results.

Arena Eventing Championships 2022

Well what a weekend, certainly some highs and lows to take away from the arena eventing championships!

arena eventing championships 5arena eventing championships 6


  • We had 5 teams qualify ranging all heights!
  • We had 8 first timers to champs!
  • We had 6 people jump double clear just getting time faults
  • Super supportive team members


  • The amount of paper work!
  • The 5am start for some members
  • Getting soaked during their rounds
  • Thinking you were eliminated when actually you weren't!
  • Poorly ponies meaning withdrawing at the last minute
  • Falling off before you've even got to the warm up!

(I'm sure the team members can add more of both!)

Pictures here

arena eventing championships 7arena eventing championships 2


70cm Mixed

Team- 16th

Jodie Johnson - 49th
Charlotte Harrison - 85th
Caitlyn Smith - 34th
Lara Davenport - WD

80cm Seniors

Justine Underwood DC -59th
Sarah Evans
Rose Jarvis - 93rd
Fiona Twells

90cm Seniors

Team - 4th!!

Sally Lane DC - 42nd (and a broken finger!)
Liz Hulme DC - 23rd
Rob Dunk
Hazel Davenport DC - 12th

90cm Juniors

Team - 9th

Phoebe Allinson - 53rd
Jess Tooth DC - 24th
Annie Aston Wright DC -13th
Keira Shafiq

1m Mixed

Aliyah Shafiq
Vicky Hulme - 60th
Kirstie Wright

Massive well done to everyone! Onwards to the next qualifier!!


Winter Dressage Series Result

Intro Senior

Rider Horse



Nov Dec Feb March Total points Placing
Julie Warner Royal Welcome S 5 7 5 x 17 =1st
Maxine Williams Ballybeg Silver S 6 x 4 7 17 =1st
Bev Teasdale Encantandor S 2 1 2 1 6 =3rd
Clare Moore Benjjiiee S 3 x 1 2 6 =3rd

 Winter Dressage Series Joint Senior Intrductory Winner with Julie Warner and Royal Welcome Maxine Williams and Ballybeg Silver

Maxine Williams & Ballybeg Silver

 Intro Junior

Rider Horse



Nov Dec Feb March Total points Placing
Isabella McClinton-Staines Victoire J 6 5 3 x 14


 Winter Dressage Series Junior Introductory Winner Isabella McClinton Staines and Victoire

 Isabella McClinton-Staines & Victoire

 Prelim Senior

Rider Horse



Nov Dec Feb March Total Points


Anna Meynell Brackenbrae Birlinn S 4/7 5/7 7/7 1/4 42 1st
Liz Hulme Lackhagbeg Heigh Crest S 3/6 7/6 1/6 5/5 39 2nd
Rose Jarvis Logan S 1/1 4/4 3/3 1/6 23 3rd
Jessica Hemus Biffos De One S 4 3 2 2 11 4th
Liz Parkes Midnight Jackson S 3 x 1 3 7 5th
Katie Robinson Dunraven Star S 1/1 1/1 1/1 x 6 6th
Nicki Jempson Anna Pixie S 1/1 1/1 x/1 1 6 7th
Maxine Williams Ballybeg Silver S 1 1 2 1 5 8th

 Winter Dressage Series Senior Preliminary Winner Anna Meynell and Brackenbrae Birlinn

Anna Meynell & Brackenbrae Birlinn

Prelim Juniors

Rider Horse Junior Nov DEC FEB MAR Total Placing
Olivia McClinton-Staines Tallyho Pearl J 7 6 7 7 27


Isabella McClinton -Staines Victoire J x 6 7 6/4 23


 Winter Dressage Series Junior Preliminary and Novice Winner Olvia McClinton Staines and Tallyho Pearl

 Olvia McClinton-Staines & Tallyho-Pearl


Novice Seniors

Rider Horse






Hazel Davenport Carrabawn Leo S 5 6 7 6 24 1st
Rebecca Holmes Ardent Buck S 4 x 5 4 13 2nd
Anne Tunnicliffe Susie S x 2 1 1 4 3rd

 Senior Dressage Series Senior Novice Winner Hazel Davenport and Carrabawn Leo

Hazel Davenport & Carrabawn Leo

Novice Juniors

Rider Horse






Olivia McClinton-Staines Tallyho Pearl J


7 6 7



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