Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials 22.5.22


Rose Fox and Logan Rockingham 22.5.22

Rose Fox and Logan

The club sent two teams to the Riding Club show jumping competition at Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials on 22.5.22 and came first and second.

There were teams of four, the first person in each team jumped a 70cm course, the second an 80cm course, the third a 90cm course and the brave folk who jumped the 1m course, with a 1m10 joker fence over a water tray, were transferred to one of the main rings near the trade stands. This was probably just as well as the Atherstone supporters were getting a little over excited by this point.

The teams were:

Rose Fox and Logan, Pheobe Allinson and Laguna Belle, Joshua Bailey and Bughill Darcy, Vicky Hulme and Alfie Water Babe.

Heather Wyles and Teapot, Jess Tooth and Lisball Lass, Liz Hulme and Lackaghbeg High Crest and Alex Tomassoni and F Rubertha R 54.

The distance from the horse boxes to the arenas was very good practice for the endurance competition the following weekend!

Senior Combined Training 21.5.22

Hazel Davenport and Carrabawn Leo Senior Combined Training 21.5.22

Hazel Davenport and Carrabawn Leo

The Senior Combined Training competition was also held at Solihull on 21.5.22. Hazel Davenport and Carrabawn Leo represented the club as individuals in the section with dressage test Novice 24 and the 85cm show jumping and came fifth.

The ‘Atherstone Rubies’ team of Anna Vernon and TGF Chilli Pepper, Judith Moreton and Monsun’s Royal Jem, Aliyah Shafiq and Quotender and Joanna Cooney and Penhills Tintin came twenty-third.

British Riding Clubs Combined Championships 21.5.22

BRC Combined Training Junior team 21.5.22

BRC Combined Training Junior Team

The British Riding Clubs Combined Championships were held at Solihull on 21.5.22 and 22.5.22 over a very challenging course which included a bounce distance in the show jumping section.

The junior team of Joshua Bailey and Bughill Darcy (individual 2nd), Phoebe Allinson and Laguna Belle (individual 9th), Annabelle Aston-Wright and Mill House Adino Pectore and Jessica Tooth and Lisball Lass did really well to come second on the Saturday.

The senior team of Justine Underwood and Art Supple, Sarah Evans and Aldi, Fiona Twells and Kilnagullion Beauty and Joanne Cooney and Penhills Tintin came fifteenth on the Sunday.

Intermediate Winter Championships 2022

The Intermediate Winter Championships were held at Bury Farm in Buckinghamshire over the very windy weekend of 22 - 24.4.22.
On the first day of the Dressage competition Denise Wainwright and Ruby Tuesday II represented the club and showed us all how to do it with a 4th placing in the Medium test and a 7th placing in the Elementary test.

The following day Davinia Kickham and Divine San Siro put in a brilliant performance to come 9th in the Novice test and the senior team of Heather Wyles and Tilly, Michelle Stretton and Jake, Jess Findell and Loughrea Star and Aliyah Shafiq and Quotender were 4th.
We also had a junior team that did us proud with a 12th place and consisted of Beatrix Oldham and Kilmore Black Earl, Eppie Southern and Stookens Macha, Olivia McLinton-Staines and Tallyho Pearl.

The club was represented by Vicky Hulme and Josh Bailey in the showjumping.

Josh and Bugsy competed in the 90 cm class and won with three clear rounds and a fast, and allegedly stirrup-less, jump off time.  

Josh Bailey and Bugsy

Vicky and Alfie were competing in the 100cm class and went clear in the first round but had faults in the second round and finished out of the placings.

Combined Challenge - Solihull April 3rd

Amazing results from the combined challenge at Solihull on April 3rd with qualifications across the board!!
70cm Juniors
Jack Flamson 9th
Flo Pawley 10th
Caitlin Smith 17th
80cm Seniors 1st
Fiona Twells 3rd
Sarah Evans 5th
Justine Underwood 9th
90cm Juniors 2nd
Josh Bailey 1st
Pheobe Allinson 4th
Jess Tooth 7th
Annabelle Aston Wright 9th
90cm Seniors 1st
Harriet Parkes 2nd
Alliyah Shafiq 5th
Kirsty Wright 7th
90cm Seniors 5th
Hazel Davenport 9th
Liz Hulme 11th
Miranda Steel


1m Individual  
Vicky Hulme 1st
Well done everyone so pleased for you! And we are off to another champs in 2022!!!!
Combined Challenge Junior 90 Team
Combined Challenge Senior 80 team

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