Princethorpe Area 5 Results July 2013


Prelim: Team 4th Overall
Heather Wyles Bazaars Hanky Panky 1st
Alison Fletcher Ravel  
Terri Puddefoot Molley  
Karen Lawley First Draw  


Riders: Team 1st Overall
Heather Wykes Bazaars Hanky Panky 4th
Sophie Croxton Mr McGowan 2nd
Lynn Kirby Tinuvail Spirit 2nd
Jill Frisby Serenade 1st


Riders: Team 4th Overall
Steph Fairchild Geordie Jubilee  
Karen Lawley First Draw  
Emma Fletcher Morejoy Mickey Finn  
Terri Puddefoot Molley 6th


Open Dressage: Team 1st Overall
Amy Croxton Blue Boy 1st
Lesley Cheneler Nero 2nd
Sophie Croxton Mr McGowan 1st
Jane Kitto Miss Charity 1st


Open Dressage: Team 7th Overall (=6th but only 3 members)
Emma Fletcher Morejoy Mickey Finn 6th
Jill Frisby Serenade 4th
Lynn Kirby Tinuvial Spirit 7th


Individual Open Dressage
Lesley Cheneler Nero 4th
Janet Kitto Miss Charity 2nd


Pairs: 1st Overall
Amy Croxton Blue Boy  
Sophie Croxton Mr McGowan  




Riders: Team 3rd Overall
Hannah Sclater    
Abbie Roobottom    
Maddie Doherty    
Lauren Marshall    


Dressage: Atherstone Diamonds 2nd Overall
Ellie Mitchell    
Abbie Roobottom    
Emily Matthews    
Lauren Marshall    


Dressage: Atherstone Sapphires 5th Overall
Hannah Sclater    
Maddie Doherty    
Phoebe Mithcell    
Chloe Mitchell    

Emily Matthews, Ellie Mitchell and Phoebe Mitchell all qualified individually for the Riding Club Championships at Lincoln.

Well done to them, and to all the team members!  

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