Free Biomechanics Riding Workshop

The workshop is called 'Become a Better Rider Without Even Touching Your Horse' and it:

  • demonstrates and explains what Biomechanics is and how it can help your riding
  • teaches breathing techniques and how to engage your core
  • Helps you to become "super aware".

Biomechanics is becoming so important in our sport. Horses are masters of compensation and the slightest misalignment or discrepancy in the rider means the horse will have to deal with it. This can lead to loss of performance and even injury. I want to make Biomechanics accessible to ALL and help us and our four legged friends move and feel better!

 The workshop is on Friday 9th December, 7pm, at Sheepy Magna Memorial Hall...So no cold fingers and toes! There will be tea and coffee available and it is completely FREE!!

For more information, and to reserve your place click here.


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